MO HealthNet with a Spend Down

If all of your countable income in a given month is greater than the income limit for free MO HealthNet coverage, you can still receive MO HealthNet paid services through a category that most people call MO HealthNet with a spend down.

A "spend down" is the amount of money you pay or medical bills you collect for health care expenses each month before MO HealthNet starts to pay the rest of your health care bills. Your spend down amount equals the actual dollar amount of your countable income above free Medicaid income limits.

In other words, when your medical bills in a month, paid or unpaid, reach this "spend down amount" for you, the rest of the medical services in that month will be paid by Medicaid. Again, once you have paid or have medical bills that equal your spend down amount, you won't have to pay any more for health care received in that month. For this reason, if you can plan all your non-urgent medical and dental appointments in the same month, you may pay less for them.