Benefits for Young People

Eligibility for Key Programs

Now that you’ve read some basic information about Supplemental Security Income (SSI), MO HealthNet, MO HealthNet’s rules for people who work, and private health care coverage, we can begin to look at the factors that will impact your eligibility for these key programs.

The rules for eligibility can seem very complicated. They are different for different programs and they can also be different depending on your age. In addition, you may be going through a period in your life during which you’re moving out of your parents’ home, going to college, or getting a job. Each of these changes can impact your benefits too!

The good news is that the DB101 website explains a lot. If you have more questions about these programs, talk to a Benefits Specialist.

Estimate how your benefits could change

When you get a job, or go to school, or get older, your eligibility and benefits amounts can change. DB101 includes Estimators that can help you figure out how your benefits might change. For young people, the School and Work Estimator is especially helpful. After reading about benefits, try it out!

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